YOUTH GROUP//grades 8 to 12

Thursdays 6-8pm///


Come join us at West Vancouver United Church on Thursday nights from 6 to 8pm as we explore what it means to follow Jesus.


First, let us introduce ourselves with a video of our most recent retreat!

Youth Retreat 2016 – West Van United

Here it is – our Youth Retreat video! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. These young people are pretty amazing!

Posted by West Vancouver United Church on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ONE: What is Youth Group?

Youth group is all about figuring out what it means to live the way Jesus taught.

Look at it this way: a little over 2000 years ago, this man walked around in a place called Galilee. He taught some revolutionary things that would forever change our world. Even the years on the calendar are based on when he was born: that’s a PRETTY BIG DEAL. As Shane Claiborne would say, Jesus ruined our lives (don’t worry, it’s a good thing…well, mostly) and we, the youth team, are here to help him ruin yours. Ha!
Ok, but really. Youth Group is what happens when young people like yourself want to figure out what the big deal about Jesus really is. And maybe even have your life completely transformed in the process?

TWO: Who is Youth Group for?

Well, we’re a Christian West Vancouver youth group that exists for teens living on the North Shore of Vancouver and beyond. “Wait – what? Christian?” Yup – that basically means we base what we do and how we live on the teachings of Jesus. “A West Vancouver youth group?” Yup – as in, we’re located in West Van (more precisely, we’re at West Vancouver United Church – in the youth room, to be even more precise.) “Do I have to be from West Vancouver?” No! The teens we interact with are teens from West Vancouver, North Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Lion’s Bay – even Squamish! Whether you know nothing or everything (ya right!) about Jesus, you are welcome. We’re all here to learn.

THREE: What if someone sees me?

Ok, we get it – people don’t always get Christians. We’re mostly weird. But you know what people do get? Crazy radical love. Boundless generosity. Selfless abandon – people who give their 100% to make the lives of others and this world better, and more beautiful. And you never know who else in your school might be trying to live like Jesus. Every once in a while, someone will have an “OMGTACT” moment (OMG, they are Christian too?!) as they bump into someone they recognize from their school. Some of the teens from previous years have been from schools such as Rockridge Secondary School, West Vancouver Secondary School, Mulgrave, and beyond. And in the summer time, we have tons of connections with Camp Fircom, Keats Camp, Pioneer Camp, etc. We’re well plugged in with other West Vancouver churches, North Vancouver churches, and churches in the Lower Mainland because, well, we get that it’s not all about us. It’s about God. And you. And this world.

FOUR: What happens at Youth Group?

We meet at our church, West Vancouver United Church, at 6pm on Thursday nights to share dinner together: sushi, pizza, burritos, etc. Oh and who can forget our favourite “breakfast for dinner”! Mmm. At 7pm, we switch gears and do stuff together to help us understand what the big deal is about Jesus, and what it means for you, a teenager, to live out what Jesus taught: how do you love those who are hard to love? Did Jesus say anything about booze? Or sex? Do I really have to ride a donkey to school? (the answer on that one is no). Anyway – that kind of stuff.

FIVE: “But I’m busy Thursdays…sad face”

That’s alright, we understand that not everyone will connect with us through Youth Group. That’s why we’ve built this as a network, or a hub. Come chat with us, we’re always available. Come volunteer, we have tons of ways for you to explore your faith and for you to leave your mark on this world. And hey, if you kick butt at it, we even have scholarships so you can drop out of school and focus on being a disciple (that’s a joke…don’t drop out of school…but we do offer scholarships).

SIX: What do we have to show for ourselves?

Well, following Jesus doesn’t look super sexy on film. But having fun does, so we made this. Just for you. 😉