WANTED: YOU (and your guitar…or piano…or whatever)

There’s something powerful that happens when we worship God through music. Don’t get us wrong, for us – ALL of life is worship. Your studying, your soccer playing, your hanging out with friends, your working, your sleeping – all of it can be done in a way that glorifies God. But getting together to sing? It’s just hard to explain.

Not only is it hard to explain, but it’s also hard to do when, well, you don’t have the talent. As a youth team, we could maybe play 2 songs for/with you, but our heart is to have you, the young people, lead worship that means something to you and your peers. We have tons of dreams and ideas and all that good stuff – just not the people to bring them to life.

So. If you:

  • feel like you have what it takes
  • love Jesus
  • play an instrument
  • love following God even when you dont know where’s he’s leading
  • like to work with other people
  • If that sounds like you, send us a message k? We can’t wait to hear from you.