Volunteer at Summer Kids Camp


Learn. Grow. Love.

Join our team for the opportunity to build deeper relationships with people your age, while making a huge impact on the lives of kids younger than you. We’re looking for energetic, loving young people who are excited to see God at work all around them and in their own lives. If that’s you, we’d love to have you join our growing, energetic team! Regardless of your role, there’s room for you to explore the gifts God has given you, while serving as a role model to people much younger than you.

Every summer, there’s a variety of positions available:

  • Crafts assistant:
    Use your creativity to assist the Craft Leader, helping kids with their crafts.

  • Games assistant:
    Bring your energy and enthusiasm to help create engaging, fun games!

  • Group counsellor:
    Walk with a group through each station, helping them where needed, and reinforcing the theme as you go.

  • Snack assistant:
    The messy station! Help serve and clean-up, and maybe even snack on the leftovers!

  • Story assistant:
    Teach the kids and help them dive into the world of the Bible.

Once we have received your application, we will review your application and let you know after the June 1st deadline whether your application is successful or not, and we will contact you with your final placement. While we make every effort to accommodate everyone’s #1 preference, we can’t guarantee that you will be serving at your preferred station. Ultimately, it’s about putting together the best team possible for the kids participating!

Applications for Summer 2018 will be available in May 2018.


Each summer, we set one whole week aside to learn about God with kids aged 4 to 10. Our program runs in the mornings, and is a perfect opportunity for people over the age of 10 who are passionate about their faith to volunteer and get involved in our community.