Teens in grades 8 and up are invited to join us in the church kitchen at 9:30am on the 3rd Saturday of every month (except summer months). Together, we prepare lunches which are then served later in the morning to residents of the Downtown Eastside in conjunction with the community centre staff at Oppenheimer Park.

While the issues in the Downtown Eastside are complex, we’ve been serving at Oppenheimer Park for over 12 years – adjusting as we learn from those we meet. We definitely don’t pretend to have all the answers (or any of them, really!). Serving at Oppenheimer is a humbling reminder that our affluent lives on the North Shore aren’t the reality of most people.


“West Vancouver and Oppenheimer Park used to feel like two completely different worlds. The more time I spent with the park locals, however, the more I realized that we all understood loneliness, pain, suffering, joy, jubilation, and laughter even though we experienced them within different contexts. With these tools, we were able to reach beyond the barriers of difference and unite under the banner of humanity.”– AJ Ives, participant

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3rd Saturday of the month 9:30am Grades 8 and up